Weber State Indoor Percussion is an independent class percussion ensemble from Ogden, UT. Enrollment is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 22.

Weber State Indoor Percussion was originally founded in 2004 as Thenami Winter Drumline. The goal of Thenami, and it’s founders, was to give local high school students an opportunity to experience all the benefits that the indoor percussion activity has to offer. In 2006, Themani changed it’s name to Junction City Hybrid and expanded to serve the entire Wasatch Front area. As an independent ensemble, JCH cemented it’s reputation as one of the premier percussion ensembles in Utah. After winning the Intermountain Percussion Association Independent Open Championship in 2010 and a 2nd place overall finish, JCH joined forces with Weber State University to become Weber State Indoor Percussion. The goal of WSIP remains the same as it was 10 years ago. We strive to serve percussion students throughout Northern Utah and provide them with the best experience and education possible. Our motto, “Sic Parvis Magna” (Greatness from small beginnings), reminds us of where we came from and that our goal is to be always growing as individuals, and as an ensemble.

Weber State Indoor Percussion competes in Intermountain Percussion Association and Winter Guard International competitions. In 2012, WSIP won the WGI Corona Regional Championship (Independent A Class) and the Intermountain Percussion Association Championship. They also won the IMPA Outstanding Snare, Tenor, Bass, Front Ensemble, and Visual Caption Awards. In 2013, WSIP made the move to WGI Open Class, was a finalist at WGI Western Championships and won their 2nd IMPA Championship. The 2014 season continued this upward curve. WSIP took 1st place at the WGI Denver Regional, swept all caption awards at IMPA Championships and brought home their 3rd consecutive IMPA Championship.

Membership Requirements

If you audition for, and are offered a position performing with Weber State Indoor Percussion, you need to be prepared to meet the following requirements for membership with WSIP:

1. Pay all member dues IN FULL. Dues for the 2017-2018 season will be $850. The goals of WSIP include competing on a national stage. This entails traveling out of state. A large part of your member dues go to pay for buses, hotels and entry fees for national competitions. The remainder is used to pay for nationally renowned clinicians, pay for transportation to local shows, and to purchase sticks, mallets, uniforms, shoes and equipment to help you and the ensemble be as successful as possible. Assistance can be arranged for those who need it, on a case by case basis.

We understand that this may be a lot of money. Start saving NOW. There will be a payment schedule to help break down the full tuition into more manageable payments, but, the more you can pay up front, the easier it will be for you. Our staff works very hard to keep this activity cheap for you. Because we understand the financial strain the activity can place on performers, our staff works for almost nothing, essentially only recouping travel costs. This helps make WSIP one of the least expensive ensembles competing on a national stage.

2. Make yourself available for ALL rehearsals and performances. A schedule will be provided well in advance to eliminate any conflicts. Just one person missing a rehearsal has an adverse effect on the ensemble. We welcome musicians from all over the Intermountain region, it is up to you to get to and from rehearsal. Housing arrangements can be made for weekend camps, if needed.

3. Show up every day with a great attitude and a willingness to learn. We have assembled an incredible staff who’s only goal is to help you and the ensemble reach it’s full potential and continue WSIP’s tradition of pushing the activity in Utah to higher levels. Be ready to work your butt off every rehearsal, but, have a great time doing it.